Operates : Every evening / All Year Around
 Departure time : 19:00 from your hotel
 Return time : Midnight transfer back to hotel

 Price : USD 50 (Unlimited soft drink)
 Pirce : USD 60 (Unlimited Alcohol Drinks)

Sail up the Bosphorus, the waterway between Europe and Asia, passing under the suspension bridges and viewing Ottoman summer palaces...

Have dinner between 2 continents

Dance with international Dj Musics.

Watch Turkish Folk team performances from different region of Turkey

Drink Unlimited Local Drinks and Alcohol.

Taste Turkish Tradational Baklava and Turkish Coffee


Istanbul Night Show Itinerary

Your tour will start from your hotel. You will be transfered from your hotel to our boat by our non-smoking and air-conditioned shuttle buses.

You will be welcomed by night staff and will be directed to your table. Also turkish delight will be presented you as you  welcome so that you can taste it. Night Show staff escort you to your seat.

When you sit your table appetizers will be brought and you will commence your wonderful night with it. And then smiling night show waiters will take your order. Main course contains from 3 different options such as grilled sea bass , grilled meatballs and grilled chicken.

 By the time dinner is over , the show will start with dance of tambourine and will be followed by Asuk Masuk ( Asuk Masuk is an Imitation Play of Dwarfs)

Naz Eyleme ( A Traditional Turkish Melody Musical Performance)

Belly Dancer

Henna Ceremony ( Bride ceromny before wedding)

Night Show Folk Team ( Mixed show from diffrent regions of Tukey)

Live Dj Performance.

 After the tour  we will drop you off to the your hotel by our shuttle buses.

Show Program

  • Music ( We have our own D.J)
  • Asuk Masuk (A play of dwarfs , performed by 2 male dancers)
  • Belly Dancer
  • Henna Ceremony ( Bride ceremony before the wedding)
  • Night Show Folk Team (This is ower own special group)
  • Turkish Romany Dance

Dinner Menu 

  • Turkish Meze (Turkish hors d'oeuvres dish)
  • Fresh seasonal salad
  • Main Course ( Grilled Fish,Chicken Steak or Meatball )
  • Dessert ( Fruite or Sweet)
  • Turkish coffe
  • Unlimited soft drinks
  • Unlimited local drinks